Vinales-Playa Larga.
-Drive to giron
-Luch. Try turtle and crocodile meat
-Visit the cave of fishes (snorkeling on the cave & on the sea)
-Visit a crocodile farm
-Relaxing time

(Just info about the area) CIENAGA DE ZAPATA (Swamp peninsula)
 The Bay of Pigs is where the Cubans defeated an American invasion in 1961. The communist propaganda billboards along the road from Australia to Playa Larga may be the best in Cuba. Support for the government is strong on the Peninsula de Zapata because it was the poorest region in Cuba before the revolution, and the first area that the communists developed, with roads, schools, and a hospital. It is also one of Fidel's favorite areas because of the 1961 victory.

 Is a private restaurant run by the family who lives on site. The restaurant is well known for its unusual offer of meals. In the menu we can order crocodile meat, turtle, deer, pork and chicken. The family serves you food in quantities so you end satisfied. Every time I visit the region I come to this restaurant. The service speed, good taste and good attendance are always present, never disappoint me. 

 The other tourist attraction at the crocodile ranch is a boat ride to Guamá. An island in a lake, the Laguna del Tesero (Treasure Lake). Fidel Castro enjoyed vacationing on the island and commissioned the building of a Taíno native village and 32 sculptures depicting native life. The Ciénaga de Zapata is one of the best birdwatching areas in the world.

CUEVA DE LOS PECES(Cave of Fishes)
 A small marine tunnel created by nature, connects the sea with sediment on land, creating a sort of saltwater dam where fishes come in and out freely. Travelers often come to swim with the fishes.

 Open sea swimming is possible In front of the cave of fishes. They also have the services of diving equipment rental.

  The complex consists of rustic buildings to simulate how the Cubans live in their simple homes. The architect in charge has designed bungalows as Cuban People houses so guess feel like a Cuban at home.
 Bar, barbacue, car & motorcicle rental, daily & evening entertainment, games room, healt service, massage, restaurant, souvenir shop, swiming pool, water sports, cable TV, tennis.

                                                                                  E V E N I N G   P R O G R A M
 Playa Larga is a small town that offerts parties on weekends. The whole community arrive to the place to be part of the event. Lets hope that we are in Playa Larga during those nights. Live bands, everybody dancing and having fun.