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-Visit a cigar factory in Pinar del Rio (25 kl from Vinales)
-Visit a small, rustic local rum factory in Pinar del Rio
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 It is a small factory there you do get to stand just a meter from the workers and see them rolling cigars. You'll get to see every step of the process. It is indeed a very intimate experience. There is also a guide who gives you a quick run through the process so you'll know what is it you are watching. Once you are done with the visit you might want to purchase some cigars. There is an authorized shop in the factory and one on the opposite side of the street. Two things you should know is that the factory is closed to visitors during lunch-time and that tourists are not allowed to photograph inside the factory.
 The factory of a very popular local beverage the Guayabita, which has received several awards in Cuba and abroad in some of the most important events. With a very unique taste nobody dares to classify it, for that reason they don't call it neither rum, nor Whiskey or any other name, so they denominate it as flavorful liquor . There are two types of, a dry one and a sweet one, but both of them are cane distilled with a small local fruit know as “guayabita”. Dry or sweet that has gone beyond the frontiers. Its origins get lost in the times of the colony, when some families of Spain settled down in the riverbanks to cultivate tobacco in small parcels, since the end of the XVI century. This liqueur has become a symbol of the area, so your visit to this factory is not complete if you leave it without tasting it.


 Designed in neo-colonial fashion, La Ermita hotel is laid out in a kind of half-moon around spacious lawns studded with swimming pool. A beautiful building, in complete harmony with the Viñales Landscape, of which it gives a peculiarly panoramic view which fills visitors with tranquility; where your eyes get lost in its green landscapes and blue sky. La Hermita is set on a cliff overlooking at Viñales Valley and Down Town.

 You will discover the socio-cultural values that identify and distinguish the locals, customs and traditions. With a tour of 6 hours you can stop on the most spectacular viewpoints of the valley, visit caves inside born underground rivers that allow travelers to alleviate the Cuban heat.

 Enter an outstanding karst landscape hummocks formed by special uniqueness that takes visitors to places where it has survived unchanged for centuries traditional methods of agriculture and especially tobacco harvest, from the creole plow made by hand by farmers to labor the land, the basin used in the processing of coffee to the traditional thatched hut you will enjoy an excursion on horseback to enable unlock the secrets our fields.

All our horses are certified by the Institute of Veterinary Medicine and meet all requirements under this entity. For the tour we recommend wear closed shoes, pants, swimsuit, hat and water bottle. If it is your first time riding horses do not worry they are calm, all guides are well experienced in this activity.

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