SUMMARY TRAVEL(A day in the Cuban Nature)
Bahia Honda→Soroa→La Altura Beach→Back to Bahia

-Early breakfast
-Drive to Soroa natural park.
-Stop on the road and see a cafe plantation.
-Visit La Cascada(Waterfall)
-Orquidiario(Orchid garden)
-Palacio de Las Nuves(Cloud Palace)
-Lunch & good time at Private farm

LA CASCADA(Waterfall)

 Near to the village of Soroa, has a height of about 20 meters, it is a popular sight in this area. You may refresh yourself directly in front of the waterfall in a natural swimming pool. Surrounded by the most authentic Caribbean flora and fauna, you can also buy delicious cocktails offered by sellers who live in the region and are self-employed. They prepare the cocktails inside the fruit’s and using the shells as glasses. Perfect place for a cigar.

 It is one of the most beautiful views of Soroa. It is 270m high. It is a precious link to rest. It is very quiet and away from everything. Nearby is a cafe they call House 8 or House of the Stones. It is near the Soroa orchidarium.

ORQUIDIARIO (Orchid Garden)
 It is Botanical Garden of about 35,000 square meters, with more than 20 000 orchid species. The creation of the garden dates back to 1943 by a lawyer from the Canary Islands named Tomas Felipe Camacho, a member of the Cuban Orchid Society. This personality was well known for its extensive collection of orchids which consisted of about 18 000 copies. So he gathered a large collection of these plants from Asia and the Americas. In the last years of the twentieth century, it has become a center of experimentation that is administered by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment of Cuba. 

 Las Terrazas area is known as one of the coffee harvesters in the province. Coffee plantations are along much of the road facilitating collection and transport. We will make a short stop to summarize the process of planting and harvesting of coffee

  Is a mountainous environment with heights of up to 500-600 meters above sea level declared biosphere reserve. Natural and cultural attractions in this region are combined harmoniously, with the village of Las Terrazas.  Las Terrazas is an architectural well integrated into the natural environment, the best place where you can see a sustainable interaction man-nature in Cuba. The nature is the main element, very rich vegetation and birdlife. Perfect for photo hunting and observation of birds- beautiful crystal clear rivers that resemble natural pools. 

 Located in the Las Terrazas forest preserve, Hotel Moka is one of the most unique hotels. Set amid the forested hills, it's difficult to say where the hotel stops and the forest starts. In short, the Moka is romantic, intimate, and fully deserving of your time. The desig is based on a contemporary interpretation of Spanish colonial architecture, and features a splendid multi-tiered atrium lobby built around a large lime tree (the branches magically disappear through the skylight)

 A friend of mine owns a farm and he welcome us to have some lunch and have fun in his place.
 -We are gonna learn how to live in the cuban nature
 -Ride horses, learn about agriculture
 -Try caribbean fruits, cocktails
 -Swim on the small river
 -Meditate alone, only listening to the sound of the birds & springs

                                                                                                                                E V E N I N G   P R O G R A M
Dinner at the farm
Drive home at the night, refreshing.
Club: If its a weekend